Unbelievable Value, Diamond Flow™ Performance

Leaf Rejector™ is a cost effective aluminum gutter guard specifically engineered to upgrade the performance of your entire gutter system and will not overflow in even the heaviest of rains.

  • Fast, Affordable Installation

  • Best-In-Class Drainage

  • Completely Invisible from the Ground

  • Fits Existing 5” or 6” Gutters

  • Will Not Void Roofing Warranties

  • Eliminates Threat of Clogged Gutters

  • Made From 98% Recycled Aluminum

Leaf Rejector™ Red Brick House

Advanced Design

Leaf Rejector™ Black Overflow Channel

Leaf Rejector™ is the only gutter guard on the market today that combines diamond shaped holes with a water overflow channel

  • Diamond shaped holes are scientifically proven to drain faster than other hole types

  • The Overflow Channel provides additional overflow prevention other covers cannot offer

  • Leaf Rejector™ considerably outpaces the drainage ability of the competition

    • 33-63% more than other products

  • For this reason, Leaf Rejector™ comes with an industry-leading manufacturer’s 30-Year Limited Warranty!

No Overflow Channel Gutter Guard

Performance Matters: Water overflowing off of similar covers will pool around your home’s foundation which often leads to major issues. This occurrence, also known as seepage, is often not covered under home insurance policies.

Product Benefits

  • With installation, Leaf Rejector™ increases the strength and durability of your home’s entire gutter system

  • Made from durable .019” aluminum. This material won’t rust, fade, fracture or collapse under the weight of snow and ice

  • Waves in the panel allow for airflow to lift debris off with a gentle breeze

  • Smaller debris filter through the perforations in the panel and pass through the gutter system

  • Panels tightly fit to the gutter and securely fasten without penetrating your roof

  • Entirely enclosed system protects your gutters from insects and wildlife

Leaf Rejector™ White Handheld