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The Ultimate in Premium Gutter Protection™

Leaf Supreme™ Pro is a premium aluminum gutter guard specifically engineered to upgrade the entire performance of your entire gutter system for life. Its drainage performance is simply unmatched in the industry.

  • Industry-standard nose forward gutter protection systems. Proven to perform.

  • Uses surface tension to direct rain, and only rain, into your gutter system. Leaves and debris are kept out!

  • Solid aluminum panels tightly lock to your gutter system for an impressive seamless appearance. System is entirely enclosed.

  • 15 Colors to match your home. Plus Copper.

  • Made of 98% Recycled Aluminum.

  • Backed by manufacturer’s Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee!

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Product Features

Leaf Supreme™ Pro panel with product features labeled.
Leaf Supreme™ Pro installed in Scotch Red.
  • Leaf Supreme™ Pro is the premier nose forward gutter guard on the market today

  • 4 ft panels install quickly and are easy to remove and/or replace

  • The nose of the Leaf Supreme™ Pro panel completely shields the Water Channel

  • Uses an S-Bend to slow water coming off the roof, water is then guided over the nose into the water channel-using surface adhesion-ultimately draining into the gutter system

  • The S-Bend is the time-proven water slowing mechanism for hooded gutter covers.

  • The effectiveness of the S-Bend does not depend on the cover being completely free of leaves or debris

  • Leaf Supreme™ Pro is a dual-drainage gutter guard with an unmatchable drainage capacity.

  • This cover is designed for use on steep asphalt roofs, metal roofs and inside valleys.

  • Similar products try to slow water velocity by forcing it into a collection trough. As shown below, this method works until debris collects in the trough.

Collection Trough High Flow Panel filled with debris

For this given installation the above product was failing and water was shooting off of the roof! Don’t let this happen to your home!

Leaf Supreme™ Pro Inside Valley
Leaf Supreme™ Inside Miter

The Leaf Supreme™ Inside Miter features Diamond Flow™ technology and a 0.75” tall diverter

Inside valley install using factory Inside Miter/Diverter with two Pro panels

Leaf Supreme™ Pro Left End Cap. System is totally enclosed!
Leaf Supreme Left End Cap Clay

Leaf Supreme™ End Caps are adjustable to fit both 5” and 6” K-style gutters

Unlike other gutter protection systems, Leaf Supreme™ is totally enclosed!